PRACTITIONER TRAINING -  Make a difference in the lives of others

'Hahnemann Healing Practitioner' Training is best suited to those with a desire to get to know themselves better and through this knowledge, assist and help others to move forward in life.

This specialized Training Course runs over a period of 6 days intermittently over a period of 3 months (enabling your energy to increase and grow as you proceed through the course), taking you on your own fascinating journey of emotional release and spiritual growth, learning first hand how this powerful healing really works.

If you have an interest in becoming a 'Hahnemann Healing Practitioner' please contact Michelle for the latest Course details.

Our Practitioners are Re-Accredited annually & required to attend a Professional Development Day.

Cost for Training - 6 days x $125 per day plus Annual Accreditation of $125 (includes eManual). 

Email: for future training dates.