"Hahnemann Healing" is a very powerful form of emotional healing that deals with negative thoughts and feelings towards events that have happened in a person's life, ie: the pain and hurt we store and carry in our body from early childhood to adulthood.

If left unresolved, negative emotions can block us from moving forward in life and may eventually show in our body through physical pain and ill health, and may later be the cause of illness, anxiety and depression.

By healing your blocked emotions you have the potential to lead a more fulfilled life with greater love,  happiness, joy and growth with the freedom to become your 'true self'.


Hahnemann Healing practitioners are highly trained and skilled at directing healing energy to specific points in the body, releasing emotional blockages held within.

This practice is done fully clothed with gentle non invasive touch points on the body, in a safe, nurturing environment. Hahnemann Healing is suitable for Adults, Teenagers and Children. 

Hahnemann Healing comes from Ancient Egypt and is the only type of healing of its kind in the world today.

- Give yourself or your child the gift to move forward in life.-


Low self worth,      Anxiety,       Suppression,        Aloneness,       Guilt,      Rejection,      Loss,      Grief,      Fear,      Anger,       Exhaustion,      Heartache,  Bullying,      Depression,      Separation (Divorce),      Stress,      Physical pain and much more ...

Treatments Cost $80 for 1 hour session.

To make an appointment, please contact Michelle on 0439 035 554 or email below.

For further information on Hahnemann Healing please visit www.hahnemannhealing.com