Hi, I’m Michelle Miers a Certified Practitioner with over 10 years experience as an Emotional and Physical Healer.

I’m passionate about helping people heal from the emotional hurt and pain they carry throughout life and I fundamentally believe in the power of this work and the power of my clients to grow and change the story that has become their life.   This work has been described by many of my clients as absolutely life changing.

I am a healer with a deep love and communicate this through my practice to my clients.

My journey into healing began over 25 years ago, coinciding with the birth of my two children. This triggered a deep desire within me to learn and understand holistic health and I began to intuitively recognise that emotional issues are often the source of illness and many physical ailments.  This discovery led me to follow my heart and begin my journey into Emotional & Physical Healing.

‘Synchronicity Natural Healing’ specialises in Hahnemann Healing , Concomitant Healing & Spiritual Counselling, sharing knowledge and insights with those who are aspiring to grow and ready to make change in their lives.

I have trained under the guidance of Ian & Pearl Rogers of Sphinx Spiritual School Of Learning.  I am a Director of Hahnemann Healing,  Accredited Healer & Trainer in Hahnemann Healing which helps to restore the balance in the body caused by Emotional distress.  I have furthered and completed study in Concomitant Healing, which works to restore the balance in the body caused by physical distress.  I have a Diploma of Spiritual Counselling, and work with individuals of all ages across all of these modalities to assist healing and growth.

  • Accredited Hahnemann Healer

  • Accredited Hahnemann Healer Trainer

  • Accredited Concomitant Healer

  • Diploma of Spiritual Counselling


"Michelle is a gentle, caring practitioner, who has been a great inspiration and source of strength.

Her Hahnemann Healing sessions have been uplifting and positive experiences and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of emotional support, happiness and fulfilment. 

Thanks so much, Michelle".

"The sessions I had with you were amazing and fantastic. Way overdue for my next one..:)


Natalie D.

"Michelle is kind, patient and a warm hearted lady who helped me rid my body of many suppressed emotions that had been stuck deep inside for a long time.  These emotions had blocked the flow of my life and with Michelle's help I regained my confidence to start a new path.  I will always be very grateful for her help".   




Hahnemann Healing, Concomitant Healing

 & Spiritual Counselling

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