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person being emotionally healed

​To become a Healer using spiritual energy requires a drive in a person to firstly heal others and secondly a desire to understand and use the power of energy as a healing modality.

This requires a belief in a power beyond earth and that that power can be tapped into and used to help heal others.  It also requires an understanding and acceptance that chemical drugs cannot and do not cure all things, but at the same time have a real role in treating those who are unwell.

If a person understands the need for chemical drugs, yet accepts their limitations and at the same time wants to heal naturally through energy, then they ought to consider becoming a healer using spiritual energy.

Where a person feels that they want to help others overcome their emotional blockages, thereby helping to reduce ongoing illness caused through these suppressed emotions, then Hahnemann Healing is the correct modality to pursue.

A Hahnemann Healer is trained over six days to understand the use of energy in a specialised way and how and where to apply it to the body of a client so as to release emotions.  It is a very precise modality and brings about significant change in the  emotional state of the client.
A successful Hahnemann Healer is one who understands the power of emotions and their relationship to illness and wants to help others clear these away, not only to improve their health, but also their general state of living.
Hahnemann Healing is a modality used in Ancient Egypt and recently has once again, been made available to the world.

Hahnemann Healing Practitioner' Training is best suited to those with a desire to get to know themselves better and through this knowledge, assist and help others to move forward in life.

This specialized Training Course runs over a period of 6 days intermittently over a period of 3 months (enabling your energy to increase and grow as you proceed through the course), taking you on your own fascinating journey of emotional release and spiritual growth, learning first hand how this powerful healing really works.

If you have an interest in becoming a 'Hahnemann Healing Practitioner' please contact me for the latest Course details.

Our Practitioners are Re-Accredited annually & required to attend a Professional Development Day.


Thank you for your interest - we look forward to updating you on this specialised Training.

For further information or to register to your interest, please use the form below and Michelle will be in touch.

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